The Chair made of paper

Write your own story, build a chair that will be with you forever, that you can turn back time with by looking at pictures, articles, quotes from a personal time for you or a loved one.

The storyteller is a chair made completely of up-cycled materials but more impressing is that it is 90% paper based.

The outer layer of paper mache allows you to create a personalised chair for yourself or as a gift. The bottom picture shows the story of child hood classic cartoons.

You give us a theme, time in history or something that means a lot to you and we will research it and create a personalized chair that you will fall in love with.

The beauty of paper mache and this chair is that you can forever keep pasting new covers on the body. for example as a childs chair it can keep them creative as they grow older, instead of destroying walls, let them create their own unique chair that will impress all their friends.




Seat height 17"

Back rest from seat 20"

Seat width 22"

Seat depth 19"

Overall height 33"

Curved body is made from paper pulp as shown above. cardboard is then added to give it thickness and further strength before being covered with pulp, a couple layers of paper then your final themed pictures and articles.

The legs are carboard tubes, cross-braced with old broom handles. The legs support a plywood seatbase which in-turn is the bracing point for the steel bar the runs up the centre of the back.

The seat is very strong and can hold just as much if not more than any regular chair.

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