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The Maker Gents Story

Ah yes, the story of how they all ended up back together under the one shed roof. Well from their individual stories you will have seen where they travelled, where they worked and what they have experienced whilst spreading their wings. Now it's time to tell you how two boys and their Dad changed their traditional roles and reached for the stars.



Well, in the beginning, we were all little babies but we don't to go down the nostalgia route. Maker Gents was created from a small seed in Pauls' head. Knowing that he wanted to eventually return home and run his own company, Paul began designing and building new products whilst trying to figure out the identity of the brand. Conor was also on the hunt for a creative outlet, always designing new products and concocting new business ideas. Anto, well he is always switched on, always creating new inventions and products that deserve to be in the public eye.

The three were continuously bouncing ideas off each other, creating different designs and helping out where they could. It became quite clear that if they pooled their skills and experiences together there would be no stopping them. Paul got to work, covertly designing and building a brand so they could all work together.

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Maker Gents wasn't the first name that was produced, Paul had Upcycling Creativity when he was in college and then sprouted the idea of PHDesign which was a bit too common. When the chance of them coming together was insight the name 'Heneghan & Sons' came to light, keeping the family aspect clear to the consumer. With a bit more taught, brainstorming, sketches and all the relevant checks Maker Gents was announced.

The meaning behind the name: It had to be clear that they are makers and love creating with their hands. Secondly, they wanted to show that it was a joint effort by making the Gents plural. They took the term Gents very lightly and embraced the comedic aspect, for example, John Cleese's 'Ministry for Silly Walks'. The trio wanted to display that they are all slightly daft in the head (where the creativity comes from) and yet, that they are 100% focused on creating something that can only be described with disbelief and awe.


The Gents projects will diversify 10 fold within the next 2 years as they gain momentum and release designs they have been working on for years.

It is important to state that this is not just a furniture design company. It is a lifestyle brand created for you. The Gents will be designing and making products through a broad spectrum with a core focus on improving the lives of our customers.


Mak is the little hero of the group. Maker Gents mascot and spokesman in an essence. Paul and Mak joined forces in 2014 when Paul first landed in Vancouver. Since then Mak has become the face of Maker Gents and is our marketing guru. He has his own blog section called 'Maks' guide to...' which will be a guide to woodworking, metal work, design and marketing tips. Stay connected for his stories and antics via, Facebook, Instagram and sign up to our newsletter so we can let you know when his videos are released.


To improve the lives of others through our creative means.

Maker Gents is about creating a better future.

Building products that make a positive difference in our customers' life.  

Creating a family bond between employees, suppliers and customers.


The trio are like most, they are kind hearted and willing to do what it takes to help out. Outside of that they are very funny men, love life, childlike in some cases which keeps the creativity alive. Mostly they are just happy to be working together again. The best way they can be summed up is in the melodic tune below. A positive, get up, create, eat and live attitude. Enjoy.