A Shoe Gallery if you will to shoe of over 30 pairs of shoes.

Sodling shoes was built with very little machinery and is a testament to what you can achieve with the bare necessities.

Gloss white with accent colors purple and black.

Designed for a good friend of ours, it has become very popular amongst those enthusiastic/infatuated about shoes. and you can see why, it shows off the elegance and beauty of of shoes perfectly, even has a drawer for the ones you don't want to show off.

There is also a jewellery drawer attached on the vertical axis. it has an internal ring holder and necklace hooks.





This is custom built to your specifications to best fit your house and shoe collection.

The one shown here is:

1200mm H x 1400mm W x 400mm D

Made from MDF, sprayed with a high gloss finish, topped of with a clear lacquer.



As you will see from the video to the right; this was project was commissioned before we had a workshop. Building out of the house garage being the case, and with the lack of machinery, it goes to show when you put your mind to it you can still achieve high-end products.

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