Paul's Story

From a young age, it was very clear to see Paul was a creative talent. Although his parents weren’t always happy with the way he expressed it; from his art on the house walls to his elaborate forts constructed out of every piece of furniture he deemed necessary. It wasn’t until woodwork classes in school that he found the perfect medium to express himself.

Paul is the woodwork furniture specialist of the Gents. Creative and playful in design, focused and detailed in manufacture.



Receiving project of the year for woodwork in his final year at school,  Paul went on to study Furniture Design and Manufacture at The Furniture College, GMIT Letterfrack. He graduated in 2010 with an Honours degree. It was here that he truly came into his own, gaining the skills and knowledge to allow him to demonstrate his craftsmanship.



After graduating, Paul took himself and his talents halfway across the world, to Canada. Working his way across the country he finally landed the dream job as a furniture maker with Tetherstone construction. It was here Paul really sharpened his skills in furniture design and manufacture.


Paul is driven, never content and always scheming. His thirst for knowledge is infectious and empowering. Photography, cinematography and branding have all been added to his repertoire of skills since the first inkling of Maker Gents came about.

He even went above and beyond for his sister's wedding creating this little gem:


His drive for success and perfection, the longing to be home, work with his family and friends and the freedom to be creative has been the founding goals that have driven Paul to form Maker Gents.


Paul’s ideas notebook: If you spend any time around Paul you will see him pull out a little notebook and doodle in it. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you witness this while he is swimming in the sea, the pad seems to be a part of him.  To anyone else the content of this notebook looks like a cryptic code with drawings randomly placed throughout to confuse the reader but to Paul it all makes perfect sense, so he tells us anyways.


As with each of the stories we choose a song that best fits the person so that you can get to know them that little bit more. Enjoy!

Paul is based in London designing and promoting the Maker Gents brand. Flying back to this glorious island every other week, he downs notepad and pencil in place of lathe chisels and solid timber. "Working together in the workshop is a treat and a great place to escape the fast pace of city life".