Culinary Chopping Board

Luxury and innovation wrapped up in one. This Luxury culinary chopping board with detachable tray is skillfully and artistically planned for one purpose; to make your cooking life a little easier while bringing simplicity and elegance to the kitchen.

The beautiful American Walnut is a superior choice for chopping boards due to its close grain and robust durability. The heavy chopping board gives you stability and comfort when cutting your carvery Sunday roasts. While the solid Ash tray gives you the convenience of pouring your food from board to pot with ease.

bring your kitchen back to life


The bright Ash tray is the perfect accent to the dark walnut board. The tray brings both innovation and craftsmanship together to give you the ultimate ease in cooking. Cut your vegetables, slide them into the tray, detach the tray and deliver the veg to the pot with ease; No transferring on to plates, No awkward handling and No more wandering food. Hit the pot every time.


The generous board width and length gives great manoeuvrability when tackling even the bigger Christmas roasts. There are four rubber tabs on both the block and tray to prevent sliding and to keep the wood off surfaces and away from liquid.

The tray edge is tucked under the board's lip to prevent juices and liquids going between the seams. The board and tray are connected with a rare earth magnet which keeps them together when cutting but allows you to freely remove the tray when you are ready for pouring.

This handy tool is packed into a well-designed and taught out product. Each part of this culinary chopping board is of the highest quality. It is the classic tale of form vs function and I believe we have hit the mark on both.

The culinary board is coated with a food safe Natural beeswax & Mineral oil of which a free tin is included with your purchase. This mixture keeps your board conditioned and sealed giving it that fresh new look and smell all year round.


Make It A Personal Touch!

We offer custom laser engraving on the back of each chopping board. Write a personal message or even print an image. It is the perfect present for House-warmings, Weddings and Birthdays. Give yours the personal touch.



Board: 400mm L x 300mm W x 40mm thick
Tray: 100mm L x 300mm W x 40mm thick
Together: 500mmL x 300mm W x 40mm

Board, 5 choices:
Dark American Walnut Full Stave
European Walnut
American Walnut

Tray: European Ash

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