Conors' story

 A degree in architecture, 10 years experience in New Zealand and a fully fledged carpenter, has his papers and all would you believe. With history like this he deserves the title we have bestowed upon him 'The Wizard of Building'. And build anything he will.


Conor studied hard and gained his architectural degree from Robert Gordon University back when he was a youngster. A great degree but Conor realized quickly he would go crazy being desk bound, not being able to break blocks and cut logs. Don't get me wrong, he uses everything he learnt from that degree and all the experiences that came with it and puts them to exceptional use when building his masterpieces.


Graduating in the midst of a recession, Conor decided the only thing for it, was to go on an adventure. He ended up in Wellington, New Zealand where by the gift of the gab and a bit of luck he got a job in the movies. He worked on the film ‘The Hobbit’ for two years, in the props and furniture department. Here he was privileged to work alongside some of the most talented craftsmen and women in NZ; from joiners to jewellers to blacksmiths and more. Taking full advantage of this he learnt as much as he could from each expert he met, primarily in furniture building.


On completion of the Hobbit, Conor decided to follow his passions and link his degree with the practical side of building, through undertaking a Carpentry apprenticeship with Kerr Construction; one of the top residential building firms in Wellington. He completed his apprenticeship in 2015 and is still enjoying his time building and renovating a variety of homes.


Yes ladies, that white specimen there among a sea of seals is our burly brother Conor. Never one to shy away from a challenge, he has given us the courage to reach for our goals, take the risks and never let anything stand in our way. This is our brother, the ledgend.


We here at Maker Gents find the best way to really know somebody is, is to tap into there favorite music and get behind their rhythm. Do enjoy Conors' latest musical interest. We are all quite Mad about Lunasa, brings us back to our routes, and the fact we are all a bit mad in the head.


Well, after 11 years away, Conor is back in beautiful Ireland! He has been excited to get back and work with us in Maker Gents. We must say we are happier to have him back with us. Conor will be taking on numerous different projects but the one that will standout is the acclaimed "The Clothes Bunker" an all weather drying shelter for clothes in this wondrous country climate. Sign up to the newsletter for more info and release dates.