Maker Gents Stories: A blog Intro

Welcome to Maker Gents first official blog post

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This blog post is an intro to Maker Gents and the blog we hope to get you hooked on.

Maker Gents is a 'Product Design & Manufacture' collective consisting of a Dad, Anto, and his two sons Conor & Paul.
Each Gent offers a different design & manufacturing speciality with years of experience in each field from across the globe. This has given the team, wide manufacturing capabilities without losing expertise.
Maker Gents was formed to create luxury free-standing furniture, home accessories and Innovative home products.


We design and make in one of the most picturesque counties in the west of Ireland, which to us, offers an overwhelming array of design inspiration and opportuniy. We will be launching our online shop in the coming months and will be retailing in shops throughout the world.

What's it all about?

We run maker Gents with the community as a core structure to the collective. Treat those the way you wish to be treated. At Maker Gents, we want to create a community of suppliers, employees, workers, family and friends that support, promote and influence one another. Creating an atmosphere for people to evolve and flourish.

The Blog

The Maker Gents stories are all things good with the world. Discover local makers, tips and tricks and behind the scene builds with the Gents. We will be delivering a blog post every month which will hopefully rise to one every two weeks as time goes on. The blog is broken down into 5 different addictive categories. Find your hook:

Mechanics Dream: Follow Anto and the boys down a world of detailed vintage and classic car building. Custom bodies, engine re-builds. Bring mechanics back to the basics. Learn as you watch, english wheeling, welding, mechanics, design and detailing. Not to mention coverage of hill climb rallies and track days as we build to race.

Maks’ guide to: Mak is our little hero, a marketing wiz, and a master of all things manufacturing. He will be guiding us all with tutorials on woodworking, welding, design, interior design and product development. All in his funny little manner. Inside tip, keep an eye out for his guide on: How not to die while woodworking.

Build with the Gents: This blog category will give you behind the scenes access to the Maker Gents workshop, show you how the furniture and products are built and allow you to follow along with the progress of projects, witness tips and tricks of how we manage difficult details and fine finishing.


Cook with the Gents: Now for something completely different. We encourage everyone to use our products, not to be afraid to use them. They are beautiful but they are built to be tough and durable. That’s why the Gents will be grinding down on the 40mm thick chopping board with detachable tray to give you some of Irelands' greatest recipes and tutorials. Not to forget about demonstrating how easy it is to chop and cook when you have the detachable tray on the side of your chopping board.

Featured Maker: This is my favourite category and one I am most excited to work on. Every month we will be releasing a special short film on a featured maker. These videos will include up close and detailed interviews with some of the greatest makers throughout England and Ireland. It will demonstrate their work, their inspiration and their tips for the trade. We want people to reach their full potential. Hopefully, we can all learn something from these magnificent craftspeople. Each video will also be transcribed and documented on the blog for the viewers' preference.


We want to hear from you, what do you want to read about:

This blog is for you, the community of customers, suppliers, learners, crafters and DIYers. If you think something or someone would be interesting and helpful, please let us know.

From all of us at Maker Gents, see you soon.

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