Anto Heneghan, the master craftsman of the group. The man with old school skills and a hundred stories to tell. Dad, as he is more familiarly known, started out working in the family grocery store as a young boy.


Following in his brothers' footsteps he trained as a mechanic and worked for several years with the great bacon factory of Castlebar.


It didn't take long for Anto to gather up his pennies, realize the gap in the market and pursue his dream of starting his own business. Heneghan Plant Spares was built from pure brute force and perseverance, something that has been so welcomely passed down Paul and Conor. Heneghan Plant Spares done what it says on the tin really, Anto became the main supplier for JCB parts in the province, soon out growing his workshop he moved to expand.


After moving into the local town and into a much bigger complex Anto made time to get back into what he loved doing so well; design, innovation and making.

Royal Arc Designs was created and a new life had begun. Anto started small with some wrought Iron gates, pushing forward into the world of wrought iron furniture. He did damn well too, especially for a small-town boy. Anto pushed hard with Royal Arc Designs but as with all creatives, the business side takes over. Anto sold Heneghan Plant Spares so he could focus more on what kept him happy and de-stressed. Learning and evolving, Anto began to expand his skills, building beautiful, bespoke spiral and curved staircases all around Ireland.



When times get tough and work slows down, jump back to the basics, diversify and create. This is where things get interesting, some may say it is the stem of the Maker Gents evolution.

Antos creative flare really began to shine through when he had the time to sit down, design by acknowledging the problem and visualizing the solution. His years of experience in manufacturing gave him the capability to manufacture as he designed, a skill so many designers will never have. It pushed design development further with real time manufacturing, finding the solutions before the problems. The best creations come with time. It is a new age, however, where technology and marketing bully the craftsman. Time for the boys to come home and build, design and market with their own creative flair.


Cars, cars and more vintage cars. Take the bare minimum tools, mix them with an old school mechanic, a ridiculous passion and some badass skills and you get some of the best vintage cars this side of the North Pole.

This is where the attention to detail was passed down to Paul and Conor. The words "nearly there" brought shivers to their spine as they knew there were days if not months of work left to perfect the tedious details to meet Anto's obsession with getting it right the first time, creating the unimaginable and perfecting the craft.



Fun doesn't do Anto justice. He is the life and soul of the party. The kind and giving personality his kids aspire to have. Never a dull moment when in his company, always there to help out or teach something new.

Travelling over the country with his friends in the bus they nicknamed 'The Rusty Nuts' you can only imagine the fun they have enjoying life.

Here's to you boss man, some tunes you may enjoy: